Welcome to Accredo

At Accredo, our underwriting decisions are made by people, not computer programs, so we consider risk and security in the widest sense, seeing the true value of a borrower’s proposal. Crucially we give brokers an extra option when regular avenues are closed to their clients. 

Combined with our light-touch application process and quick decision-making, Accredo provides an excellent alternative for business-critical funding.

We go to market using a network of contracted brokers throughout the UK who truly understand their clients’ needs.  This introducer channel helps us appreciate the true value of a borrower’s proposal and allows consideration of the potential risks and security in the widest possible sense, without any automated credit scoring.  If you are interested in introducing business to us then simply submit your details on the 'Become an Introducer' section on our contact us page and we'll be in touch to talk you through the process.

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