New start restaurant


Term: 3 years
Amount: £400,000
Feature: interest-only term with security offered by family members

An excellent young chef, having gained experience working for others, decided to set up his open his own first restaurant.

He found high street premises, negotiated a 10-year lease, worked up a full restaurant layout and operating schematic for the business, and only required funding for his new enterprise. His parents were happy to help him with his business idea and share in his journey, so became small shareholders and directors in the new company.

The requested loan facility, which fitted best with the business plan and cash flow projections, was a three-year, monthly payment, interest-only commercial loan of £400,000. At the end of the three-year term it was expected that the facility could either be repaid in full or refinanced on a fully-amortising basis over a further five years.


The chef and his parents all provided directors' guarantees in support of the loan and, in addition to this, the parents also offered a second charge over their residential property as security for the advance.

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Do you offer flexible payment terms for new start businesses?

Yes, we are happy to offer a low start payment option and in some circumstances we are happy to consider seasonal repayments.

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