10 benefits of the Accredo portal

Accredo’s online portal is focused on providing tools to help brokers simplify the secured loan process. Alongside autofill options, documentation guidance and tools to calculate repayments and commission , our platform reduces the time taken for the loan to be underwritten and then paid out to your client, alongside your commission:

1. Complete Transparency

Our loan portal provides detailed information about our process and displays individual statistics based off of previous loans. This allows you to review your data, improving operational efficiency.

2. Streamlined Documentation

You have immediate access to all of your submitted, accepted, paid out and draft proposals, eliminating the need for physical paperwork. This streamlines the application process and reduces the risk of document-related delays.

3. Commission and Repayment Calculator

Accredo’s portal provides you with a loan calculator, enabling you to calculate the most appropriate payments for your clients and commissions for your business with ease. With the information offered upon acceptance, you can use the calculator to evaluate the repayments. Each scenario automatically displays the commissions available, with any changes automatically recalculating the figures.

4. Draft Feature

Our draft feature enables you to work at your client’s pace. This feature, allows you to save and edit your unsubmitted proposals, offering you the flexibility to input information as it becomes available.

5. Autofill Options

The portal’s autofill tool offers you a time-saving and convenient solution by automatically populating information into our proposal form. For instance, when you enter a company registration number, the portal will autofill details from Companies House.

6. Enhanced Security

While our portal offers high flexibility and speed, Accredo recognises the importance of data security. When logging in, you have the option of enabling two-factor authentication. This significantly reduces the risk of unauthorised access to online accounts and sensitive data.

7. Live Updates

Once your proposal has been accepted, the Accredo team will use the portal to provide you with live updates on the key stages of the process towards pay out, ensuring you remain in the loop and have continuous information about  the proposal’s status.

8. Direct to Team

With digital data entry and instant submission, our portal significantly reduces processing times, enabling fast communication speeds. This efficiency is particularly advantageous for time-sensitive tasks and enhances overall productivity while eliminating the delays associated with physical paperwork handling and delivery.

9. Guidance on acceptable documentation

Our portal equips you with a series of templates, such as questionnaires for borrowers and property owners, plans and policies for reference and cash flow forecasts, ensuring all bases are covered, and removing the need to create individual documents each time.

10. Faster Approval

As a result of a combination of implemented, time-saving features, our online portal drastically reduces approval time. Once we’ve approved the loan, and received all the necessary paperwork, we will release the funds to your client's nominated bank account within 24 hours.