Quick Check: An innovative new feature on Accredo’s digital portal

Accredo are proud to announce the implementation of Quick Check, an innovative new feature on our digital portal. Quick Check is a tool that allows brokers to check their client’s potential eligibility against our lending criteria in minutes, before submitting a full proposal.

Key features of Quick Check

>   Streamlined Eligibility Checker: With Quick Check, brokers can find out whether their client might be eligible for a secured loan with Accredo without having to submit a full proposal.

>   No Credit Check Required: A key concern with loan applications can be the impact on a client’s credit record. Our new feature requires only general information so won’t impact a client’s credit record. This ensures brokers can confidently check whether clients with unusual or complex credit profiles meet our lending criteria.

>   Time Efficiency: This time-saving solution provides brokers with a guide in less than one minute before continuing to submit a full proposal; perfect for cases where lending requirements are time-critical. Quick Check is part of our wider portal, designed with speed in mind, offering a time-efficient one page proposal form that eliminates the delays often associated with traditional applications.  

Quick Check represents just one of the changes coming to our digital portal. While Accredo has always been dedicated to providing secured business loans from £25,000 we announced an increase in our maximum loan offering in January. Eligible borrowers can now access loans of up to £1,500,000 with an LTV of 70%. This expansion significantly broadens the scope of financial opportunities, enabling businesses to access even more funding to underpin their growth and expansion initiatives.

Accredo offers secured business loans as versatile funding solutions to limited companies for a wide array of purposes. Our loans are designed to cater to various business needs, including expansion, MBOs, debt-consolidation, new-start funding and more. This flexibility ensures that we can provide tailored financial support that aligns with the unique objectives and challenges of each business. With an increased maximum loan offering and an eligibility checker, our new services do not fall short.

In fact, there has been a notable uptick in the size and regularity of proposals processed via our online portal. The increase in both the submission and approval of proposals signifies a positive shift in how our services are perceived and utilised. The reason for this is evident, as our underwriters still consider all applications on a case by case basis and work to assist the broker and client to build a solution that is tailored to the business’s needs.