The flexibility of a multi-drawdown facility

In business lending, a one-size-fits-all approach often falls short of meeting the diverse needs of different clients. Your client may discover their business model requires a more flexible solution.

Accredo’s multi-drawdown facility, offers borrowers a pre-approved limit and the flexibility to draw down the funds they need, when they need it.

High Flexibility

The primary advantage of multi-drawdown facility is its flexibility. Unlike traditional loans that require commitment to take a fixed amount on day one, our multi-drawdown facility allows your clients to utilise their pre-agreed limit, across separate loans each with different terms and even repayment profiles such as fully amortising or interest only.

Accessing funding in line with their business plans, makes a multi drawdown facility the perfect option for businesses that are growing rapidly or those that have seasonal cash flow needs.

Commercial Sense

The overall facility is agreed on day one so your client can be confident funding is available when it’s needed and because we don’t charge a non-utilisation fee, your clients only pay interest on the funds they draw down.

Efficiency and Speed

Once the security and paperwork are in place for the first drawdown, further advances can be processed in as little as 48 hours making it simple and quick to access additional funding.

Business Benefits

The impressive flexibility of multi-drawdown loans also means they are widely used for a variety of business situations:

  • Improving cash flow;

  • Debt consolidation;

  • Meeting short-term payroll and essential expenses while the business recovers from a difficult period;

  • Addressing unforeseen expenses and managing business emergencies;

  • Purchasing stock and materials in line with customer orders, and

  • Financing business growth and product/ service development.

Accredo's multi-drawdown loans provide the flexibility we strive to offer within the secured loans industry. Providing business owners not only with the chance to meet their goals sooner, our multi-drawdown loans also enable businesses to tailor their financial strategies to their unique needs and circumstances. Whether it is used for improving cash flow, expansion or recovering from financial hardship, multi-drawdown loans reduce the time, stress, and constraint from conventional secured business loans.