Law firm

Term: 60 months 
Amount: £85,000
Feature: debt consolidation

During a tough year in business, an established law firm had taken out a number of high-interest, short-term loans to help them through. Now business was picking up again but these loans were falling due and they were unable to meet the repayments.


With a supporting charge over the directors residential address, we were able to offer the company £85,000 over a 60 month term, settling all of their existing short-term debt and reducing their immediate monthly costs by just over £12,000.

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Our short term facilities have a transparent payment profile of anything from 3 - 18 months allowing your clients to free up cash flow to run their business.

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Our longer term facilities are available for periods of 5 to 10 years.

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Secured equipment leasing

Purchasing equipment outright often requires a significant investment. Accredo provides secured equipment leasing options for most asset types including second hand equipment as well as leases for intangible assets such as software.

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