New start soft play centre needing to lease equipment


Term: 5 years
Amount: £200,000
Feature: secured equipment leasing

Having worked for a number of years in a children's soft play centre, our customer's decided that they wanted to set up their own facility.

After putting their ideas together they settled on a plan, found a premises that could be rented on a 10 year lease situated in a convenient local business park, with no premium and now it was just a matter of how to afford the latest equipment, marketing material, property preparation etc.

Having talked through the business plans, anticipated cash-flow projections and shown their accountant the potential premises, his suggestion was that the £200,000 required could be leased on a fully amortising basis over a term of five years.

Clearly, this would be a challenge for any conventional lessor to lease such soft assets to a new enterprise. However, Accredo were happy to assist and the director's partner was happy for them to offer their residential property as additional security for the advance by putting a second charge in place.


Whilst the whole business planning process from start to finish did take nearly a year, Accredo managed to play our part, offer a facility and have it drawn-down within 4 weeks of the initial request.

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